Content Creation

Part of our social media management will be balancing your content; informative but succinct promotional & educational posts for your business, high quality image posts for optimum engagement, news/blog articles, newsletters and mailers to build customer loyalty and promote new services, campaigns and boosted posts, competitions and giveaways..

Creative Content


Our content writers can support news and blog pages with interesting articles and work with you to provide updates to your website visitors. 

Using MailChimp we are able to organise successful direct mailers to your customer base on a consistent basis.

We can review any marketing materials or website copy that you currently use and advise on how to improve the content for SEO and keyword purposes.


We can custom design your social media channels with high quality cover imagery to ensure that you look professional and well-branded.

With access to software that can create designs to custom dimensions we can create perfect channel-specific posts, banners, headers, graphics and more.

We can source royalty-free imagery to use within your social media campaigns to produce higher engagement.

Promoted Posts

On media channels, such as Facebook, there is the ability to promote your posts. Budgeting monthly and investing in promoted posts can be very effective at building customer loyalty as well as building your customer base.

Promoted posts will ensure that you are being seen in your community's news feeds - or by a specific target audience.  We understand the targeting capabilities, as well as how to get the most of promoted posts for you and your brand. We can help you ensure all your posts are getting the attention they deserve.

Contests & Campaigns

If you need help creating a campaign then we'll come up with a few suggestions for your consideration and approval - then we'll run the campaign from start to finish. It's always best to have an exciting prize so we'll discuss your budget for each campaign and ensure that it will be successful and cost-effective.

We recommend regular competitions and/or giveaways to build your customer base & improve engagement. We ensure they are fully responsive on mobile and we often opt for action-entries, such as "Visit Our Website" or "Follow us on Twitter" to actively boost your brand name and reach.

Surveys & Mailers

Easily created and supported by most media channels, surveys and polls are both fantastic methods at engaging the public and exposing your brand message, especially if you offer a reward for their feedback.

Providing you have a list of email addresses, we are able to create and send out regular mailers to your customer-base. These often include business updates, features on new services/products, latest offers, etc. and can be quite an effective tool at generating business.
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