Account Management

We increase awareness and exposure of your brand, products and services - balancing your core sales messages with interesting industry facts, trivia and image posts to engage your customers.

Account Activity


Daily tweets, re-tweets, shares, mentions & follows - and hashtags of course!


Daily industry related posts, marketing messages, image posts, boosted posts (budget required) & contest apps


Daily industry related posts, management of groups and pages, interacting with comments and followers


Scheduled blog articles, interacting with comments and followers, following other industry related blogs for exposure


Daily posts, fresh images, creative hashtags


Daily posts to your Business Page, joining Communities for exposure


Frequent industry related article and blog shares via social media accounts

Not yet got your accounts and channels up and running? We offer a setup service that would be ideal for you...
Yes Please

Management Options

Social media for business is no longer an option but a necessity, but it's important to understand what will work best for your business as each market has a media bias. We offer two packages to our clients, below, but we are more than happy to discuss...


This low-cost and simple solution will keep your channels active with single posts each day. Your account liaison will create and publish alternate marketing messages and imagery posts that will ensure a steady stream of content throughout the month.

Perfect for your business if you need your social media accounts constantly ticking over


A dedicated co-ordinator will create your social media content - the ideal mix of sales and marketing messages, related content & industry information, image posts and hyperlinks to drive traffic to your website or campaigns.

Perfect for your business if you want to promote your business activities & brand, encourage engagement with customers and keep your channels buzzing  

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