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Creating content that inspires, educates and entertains...



The best marketing of all is happy clients.

graphic design

& print

Thinking made visible.

website design

Whatever your business is, we can help it shine online!

event planning

Making your

vision a reality.


hello there

"Our thing" is events, media, marketing, digital & web design, and print. We like to stay busy, if you can't tell.

Working with us, you will soon start to view us as a valuable extension of your own graphics, marketing or event team...


You won't regret it!

meet our people

Team B are a bunch of dedicated,

down-to-earth and energetic grafters that genuinely love what we do.

​Need a driven team of go-getters

to bring your media and events to life, we hear you say?


That's us below...




AKA: George, G, GB.


Everything Bettsy!

Business development, networking, media, marketing, events and job opportunities.

LIKES: Golden Retrievers, Anglesey, and the gym.

DISLIKES: Milk/cream, being late.        

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AKA: Tidy, Tides.

Creative Director

Everything media and marketing, content and web maintenance, client management, and general enquiries.


LIKES: Cooking, TV and films.

DISLIKES: Spicy food and cold feet.



AKA: Al.

Social Media Co-Ordinator

Content and campaign creation and management, influencer marketing, PR

LIKES: Dogs, coffee shops and stationery.

DISLIKES: Tea and rushing.



Head Graphic Designer

Graphics management and design, photography and print for commercial, promotional & marketing needs.


LIKES: Beaches, dog walks, and Harry Potter.

DISLIKES: Cold weather and olives.      


AKA: Nic.

Graphic Designer

Graphics, illustration, photography and website design to meet commercial, promotional & marketing needs.


LIKES: Star Wars, Marvel and cups of tea.

DISLIKES: Spiders and quiche. 


AKA: Han.

Junior Graphic Designer
Graphic design, illustration, and beginner in UI/UX design.
LIKES: Hockey & the gym, coffee and drawing.
DISLIKES: Sloths, wasps and heights. 


AKA: Em, Ems.

Media & Marketing Assistant

Content creation, social media management, influencer marketing.


LIKES: Dog walks, sushi and meals out.

DISLIKES: Creepy crawlies, coffee and being messy.

join team b

Want to see your smiling face up there with ours?


We are always looking to grow!  

Right now, we are looking for another Graphic Designer to join the team.

If you are interested, please get in touch.


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It would be weird for a media company not to show off their own media, so we're just going to leave our Instagram feed right here...


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