creative marketing

Getting your business noticed.

Whether you are an established business or new on the block, marketing your business is critical to its success both online and offline. Encompassing research, planning and implementation, Bettsy will deliver effective marketing techniques and campaigns to suit your needs.

The solution to your marketing needs might require any mix of our skills, and we don’t expect you to know the answers to your marketing queries. That’s our job!

If you want a truly unbiased answer of what your business needs for a marketing strategy, ask Bettsy - we can deliver all the solutions and more.

The best marketing of all is happy clients.


We take into consideration your company information and goals and pair this with your audience/customer research to put together an effective marketing strategy. With a plan in place, your business can stay ahead of the curve, rather than being reactive to your market and competitors acitivity.


With our expertise and creative vision, we can deliver bespoke campaigns to suit your goals and objectives. We cover campaigns such as: email marketing, channel and product launches, PR campaigns, digital and offline.


Whatever your advertising goals are we can help you achieve them with online and offline advertising. From digital and social media page/post boosts and sponsored adverts, to OOH marketing such as billboards and signage, and even radio and television adverts - we can create something that will make your target audience take notice of you.


We offer Google AdWords management services, with flexible, affordable packages with no tie-in contracts. By targeting the keywords used by your target audience when searching for your market, service or product, we will utilise PCC to drive a steady flow of high-conversion leads to your website.


SEO (search engine optimisation) is a form of internet marketing that we use to push your website to the top of search engine pages, like Google and Bing. Keyword research is a crucial part of SEO. It involves assessing target audiences and competitors to identify the words your business should focus on developing ranking for.


With content creation on the rise, it's important to understand how to navigate the world of blogging, vlogging, and digital press releases. Our copy writers and creative consultants will support you with the creative process of your digital marketing endeavours.


Our photographers and videographers can assist with all your promotional shoots (new/existing products on camera,  office/surroundings, general business promotion), headshots, food photography, and anything else you require a camera for!


The aim with content marketing is to grow your audience across the best channels for your business to encourage engagement. The content we create for you will inspire customer loyalty, company reputation and boost return website and social media traffic/visits.


Remarketing is any sales and advertising strategy that maintains contact with potential customers after they visit a business, encouraging them to return. Remarketing works both online with targeting advertising and mailers and offline (discount codes, loyalty cards, etc).


We can identify individuals (influencers) who have influence over your potential customers, and orient marketing activities around these influencers. Our solutions help brands to collaborate with the right influencers and can increase brand awareness, sales and footfall.