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Office Christmas Party Top Tips!

Office Christmas Parties can appear to be a real minefield of politics and competing interests…but they are a very important event that brings the business together to celebrate the festivities. They are highly appreciated by staff, can motivate and increase morale in the lead-up, and usually a good laugh on the night!

By taking in a few key considerations you can throw a great office bash, and end the year with a bang...

One of the most discussed office party factors is the theme. You can divide the office with a theme, with some people loving a dress-code and others being really put off by one. Depending on the venue, you might opt for a "formal" code, which allows a bit of flexibility. But if you are getting dressed up to the nines, perhaps consider a fancy-dress and photobooth area on the night for those who might like to have some fun.

Entertainment is the other key factor to a Christmas Party as it can really make or break an event. Quality entertainment can be tricky, as you try to balance the budget, the range of activities, and making sure they are appropriate for all ages/drinkers/non-drinkers.

If you can set aside a good (but realistic) budget for entertainment, you might like to consider a few of these options:

Live Band - always gets the crowd going!

DJ - perfect for late in the evening to keep the party going

Magician - who doesn't love a bit of magic at a drinks reception?

Photobooth / Magic Selfie Mirror / Green Screen & Props - an absolute must!

Quite often, the venue isn't given enough thought whilst in the party planning stage. You must work the room to the amount of people you have attending. If you choose a room far too big then it will feel rather empty - especially as people pop outside for a breath of fresh air. And you don't want to be bashing elbows with everyone due to a room too small...

If you are a small business with few employees, consider joining with other companies to hold a bigger party, or take involved in an open Christmas event.

Still stuck for ideas on what to do? Sometimes it can work well if you open it up to the floor, and allow your employees to suggest and vote for options.

Or, you can always come to Bettsy, and we will work with you to plan your best Christmas Party yet!

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