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The Importance Of Being Online

You will read a lot of articles emphasising that you need to have a website, and you need to be on social media. But it’s not just about having an online presence; it’s how you can make the most of it, which is what we will discuss here!

Consider your website to be your shop window...

...and envision that your corresponding social media feeds are your store assistants. The “staff” are aiming to persuade potential buyers to visit the shop by highlighting the services that you provide through imagery, links, testimonials, video content and more. Your social media followers are your potential customer base; those who follow your pages are more likely to consider investing into the products you are selling.

From there, you should have a connection between your social media feeds and your website to ensure a hook-and-drag effect. Those who are impressed by what you are promoting on social media should be convinced to then move onto the website, finding out more about your output and how they can make a purchase. There should be real consistency with both the site and your social media channels, from the branding to the tone to the colour scheme. If the visitor finds that the two are completely different, then they will consider their online journey to be wasted, and turn their attention elsewhere.

There should be real consistency with both the site and your social media channels.

What’s more, the website has to back up what the social media feeds are saying. If your Twitter page is highlighting a particular product or promoting a particular service, that has to be reflected – and in a major way that is easy to find – on your website. Otherwise, it reduces the confidence of the user in the business, and they are less likely to become engaged and enter into a sale. So, it’s one thing to have the key messages out there on social media, but they have to be backed up by the site, otherwise their existence becomes pointless.

Most of all, though, the website and its related feeds have to be active and current. It will reduce one’s confidence in a business if it becomes evident that the company hasn’t had much going on for a few months, or even a few years in some cases. If you walked past a shop in the street that permanently had its doors closed, you’d assume that it was not trading. The same applies online, where your site acts as your shop window; if your lack of activity indicates a lack of trading, the visitor will not return, meaning you lose their business for good. So, keep active and current, so that your potential customers realise that you are trading and can provide a service of great benefit to them.

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